Masturbation: The Natural Painkiller?

The Results of the Menstrubation Study


Team #menstrubation

In May 2020, Womanizer and Lunette launched the Menstrubation Study — a global clinical study to determine whether masturbation can help ease period pain, and if so, to what extent.

“Menstrubation” stands for Menstruation and Masturbation. We brought these topics together to not only help fight existing taboos but also to contribute to closing the Gender Health Gap, which disadvantages vulva-owners in medical advances and research.

The study was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Jones, clinical psychologist, sex therapist and head researcher, who has reviewed and validated the results.

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would recommend
masturbation to a friend to
combat period pain

plan to uphold their
masturbation routine to
combat period pains

Regular masturbation was especially effective at reducing the following symptoms:

Breast pain
Pain in the abdomen,
lower back, and inner
Bloated belly

Need for rest
and need for heat
to control the pain

Intensity of pain

Of the 70% (341 participants) who answered “Yes”, a total of 93% said that masturbation
reduced the intensity at least somewhat. 7% did not specify further.

How did the average intensity of period pains change over time, on a
scale of 1 (not intense) to 10 (extremely intense)?
Masturbation had an almost immediate effect on the intensity of period pains. There was a continuous decrease in the course of the testing months. Even after the participants returned to their usual remedies in October, the pain relief associated with masturbation was still noticable.

Frequency of pain

Of the 42% (206 participants) who answered “Yes”, a total of 86% said that masturbation
reduced the intensity at least somewhat. 14% did not specify further.

How did the average frequency of period pains change over time, on a scale of 1 (every couple of months) to 10 (each cycle for several days)?
Masturbation had an almost immediate effect on the frequency of period pains. This was still noticeable even after the participants returned to their usual remedies in October.
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The study utilized an experimental design whereby participants first gave an inventory of their current symptoms during menstruation. The results served as the baseline for this study, whereby all other data was correlated. During a three month period, participants were asked to refrain from taking pain medications for their menstrual symptoms and to only masturbate. All participants were given products to assist them during the trial.  

Each month, participants were required to report the level of menstrual pain experienced while utilizing masturbation techniques. These results were analyzed and correlated with the baseline inventory to determine if there had been any reduction in pain. Upon the completion of the three month trial, participants returned to their previous methods of pain control (October). After these months, they reported their symptoms again, in order to determine if there were any long-term benefits associated with masturbation to control menstrual pain. 

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